Woodworking Pt 2 – Dovetail joints


It’s now Term 3 at Mundaring Sharing where I booked into a woodworking course (in Term 2) to make a “simple” potato box for my pantry from Jarrah planks leftover from my deck. I am still plugging away. I now remember that nothing is simple or quick when it comes to woodworking and that is part of its charm. I’m just so damn impatient! And so I remind myself that this is good for me. That said, I lost about four weeks when my teacher did his back in and had to cancel the class, so in reality what was a slow and deliberate process anyway has been interminably delayed and I would very much like to finish it!

So last week I finally got onto making dovetail joints to join all the pieces of my box together. I vaguely remember making them for my coffee table all those years ago but I’m pretty sure I didn’t do them by hand, which I have now learnt to do. When I get stuck into a particular facet of woodworking, when I know what i have to do and don’t get interrupted, it’s easy to get lost in it. The repetition becomes meditative rather than boring I find. Maybe by the end of Term 3 I will have finished…


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