Winter Wonderland


Edgefield is so beautiful this time of year. There’s something beguiling about winter in the Perth Hills: dripping trees, misty mornings, citrus trees groaning under fruit, mushrooms popping up and the last splatters of russet-coloured leaves clinging to the trees. Inside it’s all roaring pot belly stove, red wine and slow-cooked casseroles, long cuddly bedtime stories and blankets precariously hung between couches to make cosy cubbies.

It’s also a time of exciting action on our building site with timber frame walls going up yesterday and structural steel framing being installed as I type. The concrete was ground down to its pre-polished finish last week and looks amazing. It’s just the standard plain grey concrete mix with white quartz and blue metal aggregate strewn through it. Indestructible! Just as well given my crazy boys.


Jeff and I have been busy too, slowly fixing this place up. We finished building a new fence last weekend, reusing the existing fence panels but concreting in solid new posts and a gate. From what we thought was an awkward, small triangle of land, we have created a substantial, north-facing herb and vegie garden with a new patch of lawn connected to the patio and a gravel pathway leading from the laundry to the new clothesline. It’s a wonderful space which adds a lot to the useability of the outdoor area. Herbs and vegies (mostly greens and beetroot) have been planted, ferricrete purchased ready to do the pathway but we’ll wait till Spring to lay the lawn. It’s looking really great and I’m so happy to have a little garden to potter in again. After some time off, I’ve caught the bug again. Garden, old friend, I’ve missed you. Pots just don’t cut it.


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  1. Reblogged this on Our Tasmanian Tree Change and commented:
    I have been wanting to share some inspiring blogs I followup so here is one by a great friend Jo which chronicles her evolving property in the Perth hills. Jo is a woman possessed. Give her a project, big or small and she is a happy woman. Edgefield is her home, her place of work and her passion. Get hooked and follow the story as Jo and her family build a new green home and set themselves up with a self sustaining garden and a natural pool.
    It’s like a mix of Grand Designs and Gardening Australia with a sweet family narrative.
    Enjoy Kate


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